KingCamp Paulowbia C20 (Çift Kişilik) Sandalye

84,00 EUR KDV dahil

This is a great option for seating when camping. The chair is comfy, and roomy, and seems super sturdy and well made. You can sit next to your partner and not in another chair beside him. This steel frame double camp chair is the perfect seat for cozying up to the campfire with that special someone.

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  • Chair that allows you to sit with your kids or loved ones in the same seat when outdoors
  • Extra padding provides ultimate comfort
  • 2 wine glass holders and 2 cup holders allow you and your partner to enjoy a romantic time with clips wine, champagne, or any other stemmed glass
  • Three-dimensional mesh chair surface is breathable
  • It is portable and light enough to be carried like a small luggage on a trip, fits most car trunks to meet your camping needs


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