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It’s hard to sit back and relax in some camping chairs—if you sit back too far, you’ll back flop in the campfire. Other chairs keep you sitting upright like you were typing away in an office, instead of kicking back for an afternoon nap. It’d be pretty difficult to not relax in this swinging camping hammock chair, you can adjust the angle of the backrest to find the perfect sitting angle. A supportive pillow increases the comfort, A cup holder keep your drink within your reach. The frame packs down smaller than most camp chairs for compact storage during car camping adventures.

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  • Adjustable angle of the backrest to adapt to different sitting & lying postures
  • Differs from normal steel frame, this rocking camp chairs adopt high-strength 6063 aluminum alloy combine with bold steel, much more solid but lighter
  • The ergonomic design recommended by Orthopedic specialist, offers you maximum comfort
  • Padded pillow offers rest for your head and neck
  • Thickened 3D padding fabric with mesh is durable, breathable, and water-resistant
  • Triangle cross bracket easy to fold and use, sets up and folds in seconds
  • Cup holder and zippered pocket for storage
Unfolded Dimensions96x69x58/120cm(37.8×27.1×22.8/47.2in)
Packed Size90×23×23cm(35.4×9×9in)
Weight Capacity120kg/264lbs


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