Mini Kamp Lambası

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Size:  about 11.5*5.2cm
Product Material: ABS Full Concentrate
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Product Weight: 38g
Function: 1 bright 2 weak light 3 flash 4 off
Fill your tent with soft, diffuse light with the Eco Orb Light.
Just hook on a convenient loop, press and go! The instant hands free light.
Glow in the dark switch makes it easy to find when you need it most.
High power energy efficient LED rated for 100,000hours.
Functions: Push on and off Button.
Requires 3 AAA battery(not included)
1.Please replace the battery in time when the light dimmed to ensure the longer lasting use.
2.Using a clean cotton cloth and a small amount of alcohol to scrub the surface of the lamp after a period of use.
3.When you not use it, please do not place the lamp in hot, humid environment for long time.
Package Contents:
1 x LED lamp

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Kırmızı, Mavi, Sarı, Yeşil


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