KingCamp Solar Kamp Duşu

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Introducing our Lightweight Hanging Adjustable Shower ¨C the perfect companion for outdoor sports and camping enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and temperature-adjustable shower experience.

    • Basic size: 56.5*39cm with a generous 20L capacity.
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High-Quality Craftsmanship:

  • Crafted from brand-new PVC material, the shower bag ensures safety and non-toxicity, instilling confidence in every use.
  • Upgraded hot-pressing technology on the bag’s edge guarantees exceptional quality, surpassing industry standards. The bag body, plastic parts, link tubes, and nozzles have all undergone significant quality upgrades, ensuring attention to detail.

Nozzle Upgrade for Leak-Free Performance:

  • Enhanced connection between the shower and pipe prevents leakage, offering a secure and reliable shower experience.
  • Thickened material in the connection pipe ensures durability, wear resistance, and resilience against folding, maintaining outstanding quality even after repeated use
  • The embossed sprinkler head allows you to adjust the water flow according to your preferences, providing a customizable and comfortable shower.

Temperature Display:

  • Stay informed with the built-in temperature display, adding an extra layer of convenience to your shower experience. Adjust the temperature to your liking, enhancing your outdoor bathing pleasure.
  • Elevate your camping or outdoor sports experience with our thoughtfully designed Lightweight Hanging Adjustable Shower. With its superior craftsmanship, upgraded features, and temperature-adjustable settings, it’s your key to enjoying a refreshing and personalized shower anywhere your adventures take you.


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