KingCamp Plaj Şemsiyesi

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  • 【Innovative Design, Dual Functionality】KingCamp introduces an innovative beach tent that serves as both a beach umbrella and a beach shade canopy, catering to your versatile needs. In addition to beach activities, this product is also suitable for camping trips, fishing outings, picnics, and backyard gatherings.
  • 🏖️【UPF50+ Sun Protection, Privacy Shield】Beach shade is made of high-quality silver-coated fabric, offering UPF50+ UV protection to effectively repels harmful ultraviolet rays. This helps prevent sunburn and provides a safer outdoor experience. Both sides are equipped with removable privacy cloth, effectively enhancing your privacy level.
  • 🏖️【Adjustable structure, Easy Installation】The shade tent features an adjustable pole – it can rotate 360°, fold from 0° to 90°, allowing you to easily adjust it according to the sun’s position for maximum sun protection. The beach canopy is designed with locking knobs at the connections, making installation a breeze and can be completed individually in just 5 minutes.
  • 🏖️【High Stability, Built to Last】Beach umbrellas for sand features a dual-layer framework with independent ventilation holes for rapid air circulation. Additionally, it is equipped with sand pegs to provide double-layer protection to prevent it from being blown away. The beach sun shade is constructed with premium materials – sturdy PU600mm supports and Q195 steel pipes, ensuring a product lifespan that exceeds 95% of similar products on the market.


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