King Camp Solar Shower 20 Lt

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Whenever you go to a camp out, hiking adventure or hunting trip, after enjoying the beauty of the nature, challenging the adventure, playing and giggling with your children, families or friends, KingCamp SOLAR SHOWER will offer you a warm shower. Without fire, without butane gas, you can also get warm water just because of the great SUN. The SOLAR SHOWER is great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available. You will instantly feel fresh and comfortable. You will forget the hard time. You will have a big smile. You will expect the next camp out or adventure. With the temperature label design, this solar shower bag is really stylish and useful, please read it before get burnt.

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Material: Durable PVC and Polyester, non-toxic
Capacity: 20 / 5.28gallons
Product Dimensions: 50 × 48cm / 19.69 × 18.9inches (L × W)
Storage Size: 34 × 15 × 5cm / 13.39 × 5.91 × 1.97inches (L × W × H)
Hanging Cord Approx: 2M / 78.74inches
Product Weight: 543g / 1.2lbs
Color: Blue

KingCamp offers a wide range of products covering outdoor activities of camping, hiking, travel, and leisure. Each product design is based on the specific requirements of our clients and the comments from our testers who use the products in extreme outdoor conditions. KingCamp is a leader and professional brand in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor geared in more than 30 countries worldwide, providing excellent products aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients and their relationship with nature. KingCamp is not only a brand, but also a concept which reflected in the design and function of products to serve the comfort, needs, and security of our clients while respecting the environment.

1 × Solar Shower Bag
1 × Tube with Shower Head
1 × Mesh Carry Bag


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