Kamp Matı 1x180x50cm

150,00 TRY KDV dahil

Net Weight: 220g
Dimension: 180x60cm
Thickness: 1cm
Folding Size: 60x15x15cm
Material: EVA + Aluminum Foil
Stok kodu: CPY-022 Kategoriler: , Etiketler:


Multipurpose Mat: Thick EVA foam mat, super lightweight and comfortable, can also be used for floor exercise, yoga, and Camping. 

Waterproof Mat: Single-side aluminum film surface protects you from damp grass, sand, bleachers and moisture floor. Easy to clean, hand washable with the damp cloth. Soft, good elasticity, can reduce the pain produced between body and the ground.

Material: Made of thicken EVA foam material, smooth, excellent toughness and high tensile strength. Super soft and light weight.


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