KingCamp Plaj Sandalyesi

76,00 EUR KDV dahil

  • A folding chair for beach, camp, or tailgate
  • A low seat and raced back chair that you can fully stretch your legs, as comfortable as lying on your bed
  • 3 seating positions, including a lay-flat option for you to meet various requirements
  • Foam pillow for all day comfort for your head and neck
  • Mesh back ensures breathable summer comfort
  • Extra Storage Pouch for your phone, small accessories, beverages, snacks
  • A towel bar on the back to hang up wet towels or clothes
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Bust out the low sling beach chair and enjoy the fiery sunset from the steep headlands perched above the ocean below. The seat is both smooth to the touch and supportive, lending hours of sitting comfort. Extra-wide molded armrests provide a place to rest your arms while adding a touch of class to this folding chair. When it’s time to leave the coast, simply fold up this chair and toss it in your vehicle’s trunk.


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