Kong Chuy/Napik Set

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The new Chuy is a belay rappel device that works on half, twin and single ropes. Very light, it gives the chance to change the braking capacity thanks to the “V” shape notches so as to modulate the effort of the user according to its own weight, the rope used and all those factors that modify the friction and consequently the braking. It gives you a smooth feed, strong braking and great look. Conform to the norm EN 15151-2 for manual braking devices.
It is recomended the use of HMS screw sleeve connectors.
Aluminium connector with screw sleeve and Keylock system. The classic wide pear shape makes it suitable for belay with clove hitch. Can be used with all anchoring and belaying systems. Screw sleeve makes it suitable for professional use.
More compact and lighter than the traditional HMS and with a highertensile strength.
Equipped with Keylock system that prevents any snagging with the rope and in the bolts.
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.


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